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Middle School Course Description


Students at EIS can look forward to 3 years studying literature of many cultures and genres. We study fiction and non-fiction novels, short stories, plays, essays and poetry. Whether working on personal narratives or expository essays, each student applies the writing process and works to strengthen the six traits of writing: idea development, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency and conventions. Students are expected to be reading a book of their choice on a daily basis. A student’s vocabulary development is directly influenced by their reading habits beyond the classroom. Students will be expected to discuss the themes of the books they are reading outside of class on a regular basis as well.


The Middle School Math curriculum is designed to help student increase computational skills and conceptual understanding, make connections across disciplines and between mathematical topics, learn to communicate mathematically, and incorporates problem solving throughout the year. In grade eight we provide Basic Algebra and Algebra 1.


Each course is built around comprehensive teaching, practice, and assessment of science concepts and skills, with an emphasis on process skills necessary for scientific inquiry emphasizing hands-on activities. Investigative experiments allow students to learn and follow the steps of scientific inquiry, while using standard scientific equipment and proper techniques. The courses promote development of problem solving skills and encourage students to become critical thinkers.The topics are Physics and Chemical Science: Matter, Energy, and Forces.

Social Studies:

The social studies curriculum is a thematically-based exploration of the big ideas represented in history and geography. Our themes include democracy, colonization, revolution, and civil rights. Students will explore these ideas and then apply their learning to global case studies. Students will use a variety of primary and secondary resources to make sense of the themes at hand. Performance assessments which require students to address current social and geo-political issues are at the heart of our critical thinking. Current events are a part of the weekly activities. At times, students will be encouraged to follow a story of their own choosing over the course of several weeks. On other occasions, news events may be directly connected to our topic and all students will work with the same story. As 13 and 14-year olds, students are poised to question much of what they see and hear as they find their place in the world. We seek to foster an atmosphere where students question current events, and their place within them, while making connections to historical events. Parental involvement in the discussion of current events, and other topics, is always appropriate and appreciated.

Physical Education:

In the physical education classes physical fitness is a key component that is showcased in a fun filled atmosphere. Interpersonal skills such as demonstrating respect, offering positive feedback, demonstrating responsible behavior in terms of physical and emotional safety, as well as maintaining good personal hygiene are essential for success in the course. The importance of valuing physical activity for its contribution to a healthy lifestyle is emphasized.

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