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Term I start date – Academic Year 2023 – 24

The next Academic Year 2023-24 will begin on 6 Sep 2023.  Parents are requested to purchase Text books & complete all formalities without any further delay. Registration for this session is now open

Covid updates from Director

Dear Parents / Guardians

We wanted to provide you with an update on the preparations our school has been making to reopen our facilities and resume in-classroom instruction. Our first day of school is scheduled for 7 Sep 2020, during which we will begin full time distance learning (online) for all our students.

Schedule/learning/physical changes:

In order to maintain physical distancing we will be offering two instructional program options when schools are allowed to reopen.

1.A blended program option in which students will attend school 3 days a week and will work the other 2 days from home.

2.We will also offer a full time distance learning option for families who prefer to keep their children at home. Teachers will be available on Fridays by virtual or in-person appointments to provide additional assistance. More details will be provided shortly about scheduling and learning.

We will continue to work to provide a safe environment for your kids and We look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

With best regards

Kannan K


Inscriptions – l’année académique 2023 – 24

Les inscriptions pour l’année académique 2023-24 ont déjà débuté. Comme très peu de places sont disponibles, les parents intéressés sont conviés à inscrire au bureau de l’école.
E.I.S – meilleure école anglaise pour vos enfants, offre une éducation de qualité depuis 1993. Nos alumini sont maintenant inscrits dans de très bonnes universités du monde entier, y compris U.S.A. et Canada. Pour plus d’informations – s’il vous plait, contacter +243 9999 38825 – pour parler au directeur de l’école.

New Registration-Academic Year 2023-24

Registration for the new academic year 2023-2024 is now open.  Please call +243 9999 38825 to talk to the School Director or visit the school office for more information. EIS – has been offering quality education since 1993.

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