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Early Childhood

The English International School Kinshasa is a diverse community of learners where over 500 students from many nations come together each day to learn in a challenging and vibrant academic setting. The early childhood years are very important in a child’s development. At every stage of development, student’s are presented with learning experiences which are appropriate to their level. Our caring and dedicated teachers strive to meet the social, intellectual and emotional needs of all our students.

Our philosophy views preschoolers as emerging readers and writers. The skills and attitudes children develop in these early years set the stage for later learning. Our children learn to read and write by building on the complimentary skills of speaking and listening. We write because we have something to say to others, we read to discover what others have to say to us. We embed early reading and writing in children’s desire to share with others what is meaningful to them. Preschoolers become enthusiastic about reading for information and pleasure and writing as a tool for communication and expression. As the child becomes aware of the speech-text relationship, we encourage them to explore writing freely and independently. As with any skills, our students vary in their levels of literacy skills. For this reason, we regularly monitor student progress and encourage every preschool student to write.

In Kindergarten, Students will:

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