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Head of School’s Message


The English International School’s past 24 years is not just one long string of achievements and applauds. It is a story of long struggles, hardships and uncertainties, punctuated by many successes and laurels. The school has been an extended family, of parents, teachers and students. It is a celebration of not just time, but traditions, values and ideas. I am gladdened by the fact that our students and parents have come to see the value of the distinct characteristics of the school. We at EIS teach tolerance towards all kinds of people, thereby practicing UNITY IN DIVERSITY.

Here at our school, we unearth the potential of the students by involving them in academic, career-building and creative activities, so that they can make a mark in life.
The 24 years that have gone by, is not just a celebration of time. It is a tribute to the sagacity of our parents and the ingenuity of our students, who could discern the value of a system that is new, and unconventional. I salute the several batches of students, who passed through the doors of this school, and their parents for reposing their faith in us.

I would like to congratulate the graduating students, wishing them the very best in all their future endeavours.

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